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all jointers brickwork cast steel bricklaying brickie bronze Victorian steel die stock Record 070 box cutter ash tungsten steel stirrup brackets shelving butchers period kitchen Tyzack Sheffield Slater's Iron Slater's Rest Slater slater's anvil JH Shand JHS modelmark number punch 1/16 steel punch grease gun bicycle lubrication Tecelemit jacot pivot lathe watchmaker brass timber scribe folding race bullet musket ball mould lead canvas leather pliers stretcher webbing Farrier hoof blacksmith claw-hammer strapped hammer sqaure-faced ebony mortice gauge auger Stearns hollow adjustible Modelmark alphabet punches Smiths Fork expander Eclipse Multi-Tool 4S drawknife forged steel Chesterman nickel-plated tape metric imperial tools Chandos glas-cutter diamond-tipped spanner BSA nickel-plate trowel Marshalltown 19/11 veneer saw boxwood Marples and Sons George Collier Bore pin Brixton Stanley beval D.R.G.M. WWII Germa Screwdriver Birchwood clock long case crank Charles Parker anvil-vice no.2 1877 London lignum vitae Tiranti &Co carver's mallet bag hook double pronged bail hook tool forged iron Victoriana awl marples carpentry victorian trammel points J.Hardman Gunters Rule Nautical rule navigation interpolation trigonometry circular protractor navigator draughtsman cm degrees nauticalia Billhook J.Harris mahogany washita oilstone norton pike sharpening wood threading tap & die toolcase jeweller's saw faceted beech caliper vernier spokseshave Marples&Sons blade Meiji Japanese sumitsubo ink-line granite neolithic axehead polsihed Record Compass plane circular plane Record no. 020 Roy Child Henry Taylor Turning Gouge HS84 CS37 HS1 Diamic shoe-stretcher Boss Maples & Sons J. Howarth David Kimberley & Sons John Beet & Sons H. Taylor Moulson Bros S.J. Addis Herring Bros. Tool roll chisels wood-carving Record 050A Combination plane rule John Rabone & Sons rope-gauge plane bullnose 90J stepped measure depth millinery hat-block GTL Brass plane 1935 Accles & Pollock Ferret Apollo Birmingham ratchet Crown Butt Chisels 174RB estwing hand vice Millers Falls Rosewood Record 311 shoulder rebate chisel plane Buck & Hickman screwdriver flathead antique anvil French Jeweller double-horned whirligig 1820 J&W Cary walnut Marples paring chisel Moore & Wright blowlamp blow-torch Record 071 router cutter sailmaker seaming palm right-handed sailing